Bob Driessen

Interactieve kunst met een maatschappelijke visie


Monumentum is an dancefilm installation that is being viewed within three VR-glasses. Every VR-glasses has a minimal dance movie of a couple. Within the VR-glasses you choose to wear, one of the three couples aged, 20’s, 50’s and 70’s move around you. You as viewer get being positioned in between. From a very low perspective. Making you as viewer small with huge monuments around you. This installation places you in a film perspective you’ve never seen before.

Interactive still

The image is an interactive frame.
Use your mouse to look around/

Specs and costs:

Basic setup:

  • Installation with 3 stand-alone VR-glasses.
  • Stand-alone accu time per VR-glasses:  5 hours.
  • Video duration: 6 minutes.
  • Assistiation is essential. 

The costs are:
Buy-out price for the installation. €350
Price per day, per assistant: 250,- (based on max 4 hours)
Transport: €0.21/km (NL, BE, DU)

For Bookings, Questons or partnerships,

Feel free to contact me at:
0031(0)6 17838860

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