Bob Driessen is an Interactive Media Artist from The Netherlands.

In Bob Driessen his vision, Art can only be made by the grace of a spectator. Art only works when there is a coherent whole between seeing and experiencing art. After years of declaring art for dead, he came to this conclusion. The influence of people make art work. The traditional approach of Theaters and museums has a one-dimensional communication that does not reinforce the bond between art and their audience. This can be different. This can be done better …
That makes Bob Driessen inspired. To amaze people in their relation to art and their selves. Bob seeks in his work new boundaries in art and knows how to amaze people.


Monumentum is a 360-Dance Video installation viewed within VR-Glasses. The installation contains three VR-Glasses you can choose from. Within the glasses three couples aged between 20 and 70 making a minimal dance performance. By viewing these movements in 360 you’ll have the freedom to look around. You as an active observer take a position close to the skin. Viewed from a ground level shot: the dancers appear like Cathedrals around you. You will be part of the Monumentum.

An installation by:
Bob Driessen  &
Anja Reinhardt



Interactive Windows is a Dance Video Installation by Bob Driessen in cooperation with Vloeistof, A dance company from the Netherlands.

Dance is all about timing and movement. Something that’s normally being passively observed by an audience. And a specially with dance films, people are just sitting and watching to a screen. But what could happen if the audience would become part of the game of “time and space”? With this idea in mind we started Interactive Windows. The idea of the Window was based on the empty shopping streets during night time. It would be nice to have art in there. Finally we decided not make the installation for shopping windows (although it has been in one shopping window during one festival). But as an installation it has its inspiration from it. Even making the dance movies only like 7 seconds was also based on the time passing by the shopping window. But its not that the visitor only plays like 7 seconds per film. Not at all! On average its more than a minute… per film… and there are more then ten to choose from!


The installation is ready for booking. Please Contact for more information.

The installation has been seen at:

Cinedans, Amsterdam.
Erasmushuis, Jakarta.
Boulevard festival, Den Bosch
DocFeed, Eindhoven
JEF festival, Antwerp
And more…